Games from TERNOX / Игры от Тернокса

About me


I really loved to play on NES in my childhood and would often imagine new levels for the games I had played or even my own games. Of course, at that time I was just a child and couldn’t do anything like that. But my will to create games remained in me even now, so I decided to fulfill my childhood dream, by creating retro-styled games that will look as if they are from NES or SNES. Unfortunately, nature didn’t give me good drawing skills, so sometimes I have to resort to getting help from my friend Himari:)


It all started in year 2008, when I, being a teenager, downloaded Game Maker 6. I think I don’t need to speak about quality my games had during those times:). As years passed, I dropped this matter a few times, then tried creating something again, gaining skills in GameMaker: Studio as result. First game that I will make in GMS namely is Taimumari, which is mentioned below.

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